Hemio – Verein für freie Kommunikation e. V.
p. Adr. Mika Pflüger
Rheinstraße 25
12161 Berlin

Registration Court
Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg)
Registration Number
VR 34702

Represented by the council in the sense of § 26 BGB (individually authorized to represent)

Benjamin Huber
Assistant Chairperson
Sophie Herold
Sebastian Wolf



Responsible in the sense of § 55 Abs 2 RStV

Mika Pflüger
Rheinstraße 25
12161 Berlin

Data Protection

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Log-Entries on our servers

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These data are stored to aid in the case of software or setup problems and to determine illicit usage of our services. The data is not analyzed automatically or linked to any person.

We do not hand out any these data to third parties unless otherwise requested by the user themself.